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Vale Bacias is a place of contemplation and learning for “A world in which the needs of all are met peacefully.” (M. B. Rosenberg) A place where we consciously and lovingly shape surroundings in which healing can succeed on both the individual and the collective level. We encounter ourselves, each other and nature with wonder and respect by fostering awareness, consciousness and cooperation.

“99 Hectares for 99 Years”

In December 2013 Vale Bacias was aquired
“One Last Time Forever” thereby liberating the land from speculative resale.

A Copa da Vida-Association for Nature and Culture was provided with the land, giving the “Green Light” for the first ‘Purple Project’:
Vale Bacias – Nature Seminars Retreats.
Thank you very much!

For more information see:
I-FreeLand – Initiative for Free Land:  >>>

Building the Infrastructure

Our Future Seminars and Retreats are dedicated to the transformation towards healing.
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Now we are preparing the infrastructure.
See our Current Activities:  >>>

“The Joy of Giving and Receiving”

To the Supporters of Vale Bacias we offer a limited number of long-term retreat spaces for individually to be designed buildings.

Besides creating the infrastructure for the seminar place, the benefits go into revitalising of the landscape.

We can provide a receipt for donations.
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