FUTURE PROGRAM  – in preparation –

It is close to our hearts to make the world a more beautiful place.

By exchanging information and experience in our seminars as well as in daily life we open ourselves for insights and their manifestation. “Insight means that something has struck our heart.”  (Ayya Khema)

  • Compassionate / Non-Violent Communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • Community Building according to Scott Peck
  • Deep Listening and Mindful Speaking in Sharing Circles
  • Sociocracy 
  • Seven Masters – One Way – Meditation
  • Social Threefolding

to develop communication and cooperation skills, that actively serve understanding- and decision-finding processes from self-aware collective intelligence.

  • “Like gorillas in the forest” – Humans and Nature
  • “Bees – We – Horses – You – Donkeys – Me”
  • “I eat Flowers” – Vegan- / Rawfood / 8-10-10 D. Graham +
  • Yoga / Agua Hara
  • Painting / Singing / Dancing
  • Acrobatic / Juggling / Clownerie / Theatre
  • Dynamic Zodiac Drawing

with bodywork, art, music, and nature as a space of revelation for joy, beauty and contemplation – also in our ‘Valley of Silence and Attentiveness’.

  • Edible Landscapes / Fruitforests / Healing Plants
  • Reforestation = Fire-Prevention
  • TreeNursery / Water-Landscapes
  •  EM / Terra Preta / Bokashi
  • Permaculture / Syntropic Agriculture according to Ernst Götsch
  • Bio-Dynamic Agriculture
  • Natural Farming according to Masanobu Fukuoka

to prevent further desertification, revitalise the landscape and produce ‘Lively Food’.

  • Communitarian building actions with all for all
  • Rain- / water, wind, power, energy and sun
  • Building yurts, domes and circus wagon
  • Bicycle workshops
  • Building with clay, fibre hemp, bamboo, and
    other natural or recycled materials

by using building biology, handcrafts and alternative energy for environmentally-friendly buildings; incorporate rainwater harvesting.