A lot helps a lot ?

Not always – Here definetely YES !

Eco-Systems are functioning like Family-Systems… Tribe-Systems… Community-Systems:
A certain size and complexity is nessecary for a healthy situation – also for an effective and sustainable change.

Bigger pieces of forest have a much, much, much bigger impact for the whole region, the climate, than the same amount of trees just spread all over.  Also Animals need urgently bigger protected areas as well!

3 years ago the ‘Initiative for FreeLand’ connected ForestCare and Education by starting a TreeNursery in Vale Bacias together with ‘Eco-Interventions’ – now we have the opportunity to complete it with WaterManagement and Eco-FoodProduction on another 200 hectares “next door” – in the Partnership of our Association ‘A Copa da Vida’ with the Edith-Maryon-Foundation.

The Region of Alentejo has the size of 27.000 km²  ( 30 % of Portugal ).
The biggest piece of healthy forest inhere is pretty small:  only 0,30 km².
Since this forest is in Vale Bacias, we can double it 2 times easily now –  quite a chance to prevent more desertification !

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