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Also trees need “friends and family”
A certain complexity and also a certain size is nessecary for a healthy situation – for an effective and sustainable change.

A lot helps a lot? – not alway – here definetely YES !

because bigger pieces of forest do have a bigger effect for the whole region, the climate and also wildlife benefits enormously from expanded protection areas !

4 years ago the ‘Initiative for FreeLand’>>> started with buying the land of Vale Bacias in Co-Operation with the Pinú`u Foundation. We connected ForestCare, FirePrevention and Education by starting a TreeNursery together with ‘Eco-Interventions’.>>> Now…


Obviously the idea is “contagious” – near by, close landowners picked up the idea of “growing land together” and took initiative by buying neighboring land as well for giving a chance to nature – to support a jump on the next level! We are very happy and enthusiastic about it – let`s shake hands – and –

Let`s continue : ) Let`s include more Land !

The Region of Alentejo has the size of 27.000 km² ( 30 % of Portugal ).
The biggest piece of healthy forest inhere is pretty small: only 0,30 km² !!!!!!!!!!
Since this forest is in Vale Bacias, it makes sense to expand it: For trees, clean water, healthy food and NVC !

There is another beautifull piece of land for sale in the direct neighbourhood;
You want to support and / or join this adventure ?

Please, contact us: