Free? Free from what?

Free from speculative resale; free from private possession; free from profit-oriented agriculture. Together with foundations, associations, and in future probably with companies and cooperatives, ‘I-Free Land’ designs legally-anchored communitarian ownership structures which liberate land from speculative resale and exploitative use. Internationally – meaning beyond borders.
Land is then available for socially, ecologically and economically sustainable projects.

What are the thoughts behind ‘I-Free Land’?

We believe that land is humankind’s heritage, given into our loving stewardship for future generations. Everyone needs land. Therefore land must be unconditionally accessible for all. The right for space to live is not a question of economic power.

When our civilization started, land use was a communitarian matter. ‘Mine’ and ‘yours’ were less important than ‘our’. ‘I-Free Land’ wants to buy land “ONCE AND FOR ALL” or receive it as a GIFT to give a “GREEN LIGHT FOR PURPLE PROJECTS”. The colour purple is associated with transformation and healing.

Our first project:
‘Vale bacias –
Nature ✧ Seminars ✧ Retreats’

realized in December 2013, in the form of a 99.5 hectare site in Alentejo.
Thank you very much!

And – we are definetely looking forward for new cooperation movements for follow-up / near by projects
please ask us!

Green Light For Purple Projects

The intention is not only to take land out of the cycle of speculation, but also to make it available long term to courageous and caring people and groups for progressive, innovative and particularly sustainable projects: independent of their financial situation.

“It is the idealists who are the realistic ones.” (M. Scott Peck).

There have long been concepts for peaceful communication and community building, for sustainability in ecology, technology and economy. ‘I-Free Land’ is using this knowledge to overcome limiting structures of possession. Life can be direct – in connection with the piece of land we are on, in peaceful exchange and solidarity with the people around us and in co-responsibility for the “rest of the world”.

We think globally and act locally!

‘I-Free Land’ is connecting free spirits with free land and free hearts
so that the realization of social, ecological and economic dreams becomes a common experience!

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We look forward to adding more to this list!

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