To the Supporters of ‘Vale Bacias – Nature ✧ Seminars ✧ Retreats’
we offer a limited number of long-term retreat spaces for individually to be designed buildings.

You would love to build an individually designed house for yourself …

… to visit and enjoy retreats here in Vale Bacias at our
‘ESPAÇO CALMA’ – because you like the initiative of
establishing a Seminar & Retreat-Place?

We are happy to offer 12 spots of about 1000 square
meters each – located on a south facing, gentle slope with
the possibility to get a legal building permission.

One of them can be for you!

Or …

… once in a while you like to enjoy a simple and never
the less comfortable lifestyle – in your very special and
romantic wooden circus wagon?

At our ‘ESPAÇO NÓMADA’ you can do that.
We reserved another 1000 square meters each for 9 wagons.

You even can ask the team of ‘SWABEDOU – Generations Stirring InterActions’ to build one for you!

Please ask us about it!

The benefits go into revitalising of the landscape as well as into creating the infrastructure for the seminar place.
We can provide a receipt for donations.